Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Bewick's Swan's.

It was good to find the first Bewick's Swan's in our area today with one on the River Lune at Glasson Dock accompanied by a Whooper Swan in turn accompanied by Mute Swan's. A couple of hours later four more were found in a field opposite Sand Villa and appeared to confirm the four I went to look for yesterday at the end of Head Dyke Lane - but didn't find - had moved a few miles north east.

Back to the beginning....I was in company with John Bateman today who will assemble his usual comprehensive records on the LDBWS website whilst I leave out the birds seen yesterday on the same route which will leave just a few birds of note that went to make for a most enjoyable and rewarding days birding whilst also proving that repetitive visits to the same old locations really is a good idea and often pays off.

At Conder Green it was excellent news from a very reliable source that the Common Sandpiper - which hasn't been showing for several visits - is indeed still present in the area, the only down side of which was the fact we couldn't locate the bird for ourselves. On the basin at Glasson Dock the c.200 Coot and 3 Little Grebe today were still holding on to the small area of water. At Cockersands 6 Grey Partridge are always a delight to see.

Notable today was that just about everywhere we went there was Snipe being put up in the fields as we drove by. All due to being displaced from their hiding places in the ditches. Just goes to show what is lurking unseen all around us in the bird world under normal circumstances.

Not a picture of a Whooper/Bewick's Swan to my name so have to make do with a reasonable pic of the beautiful - if common - Mute Swan.
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