Tuesday, 13 January 2009

In Reverse.

With JB today we decided to break with tradition and started the day by invading the Fylde area at Knott End where 2 Little Egret were seen. Some other records from my book include......

At Cockers Dyke, an excellent location for Med Gull but not today, we noted another Little Egret, c.40 Grey Plover, 3 Black-tailed Godwit, 20 Bar-tailed Godwit, c.14 Sanderling, and 4 Red-breasted Merganser on the sea.

At Fluke Hall yet another 6 Little Egret, 10 Pintail flying West, and 13 Fieldfare seen in Pilling near the Golden Ball.

On Pilling Marsh where JB will have made more notes than me and posted them on the LDBWS website, another 5 Little Egret made the days total fourteen, a Merlin was hunting a small passerine, and 4 Goldeneye were on the East Pool.

In a field opposite Sand Villa were 2 Bewick's Swans and 2 Whooper Swans.

At Cockersands, the 1w male Stonechat showed again, c.200 Pink-footed Geese in a field opposite Bank Houses were the first I ever saw in this area, also noted on a flood c.200 Redshank and c.300 Golden Plover.

In fading light 4 Goldeneye and a Little Grebe were on Conder Pool, and 2 Grey Plover in the channel.

The Skyscape's were taken from the ramp on to the headland at Cockersands, the top one today.
Could I please point out for the benefit of any misunderstanding......The title of the previous post is 'Conder Winterers' and not 'Wintering Greenshank in the UK'.

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Mike Watson said...

Hope the wonderful skyscapes helped lift the depression! Birding or just being outdoors has always been my favourite medicine. Just hope the irresponsible media would stop reminding those who still have jobs of the 'economic downturn' or whatever they are calling it today. It is our responsibility to keep the economy going by spending so get out and look for some birds and keep the local chippy or cafe owner in a job;) BR Mike

Pete Woodruff said...

Another 'Thank You Mike'. I must keep on thanking people for contributions to the blog.

Yes, the skyscapes did help, but so did the Bewick's/Whooper
Swans, the Merlin chasing the Meadow Pipit? and 14 Little Egrets.

Best Wishes Mike.