Friday, 9 January 2009

Another Coastal Tour.

With JB/BT today on the traditional
Friday run with a few notes to add to
John's records which are already posted on the LDBWS website but which may/will contain some birds not seen by me.

Little Egrets seen were, one on Aldcliffe Marsh, two on Glasson Marsh, and two on Pilling Marsh. At Conder Green 18 Twite were seen which is 12 more than I had yesterday, also a Spotted Redshank, and 2 Greenshank seen again today. I have a feeling BT had seen the Common Sandpiper but I may well be proved wrong on this. For this reason i v'e not recorded the bird and neither has John, however yesterday proved it still to be at Conder Green which is an excellent winter record.

On the Lune Estuary the Goldeneye were difficult to count when it turned a little 'murky' but certainly in excess of 100 and I reckon are at their highest in number to date.

At Cockersands the 1w male Stonechat was on view here again, the Little Owl also showed itself quietly perched in a tree on the perimeter of Bank Houses paddock again today, c.20 Twite were also showing, and a count of around 70 Linnet was good.

Outside the LDBWS area, a female Merlin was perched on the game bird pens on Bradshaw Lane, and a Short-eared Owl was quite high in flight over Pilling Moss in a north easterly direction being mobbed by corvids which sit around here all the time to get their kicks from the pastime of harassing these bird's.

The Twite in the pic are four of yesterday's half dozen birds and the male at bottom left shows its pink rump on close inspection which appears to make the bird at top right a female.
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