Sunday, 18 January 2009

Keeping it alive!

Just a pic and one or two record's for
today to keep the blog from ceasing up.

As is often the case on this blog the pic is neither one of a bird nor is it related even remotely to the record's today one of which is at least 3 Brambling with 15 Chaffinch at the junction of Quernmore Road/Grab Lane this late afternoon, but an explosion of c.45 'finches' out of a nearby tree and lost to view gives a potential for more Brambling being present here, also nearby a male Great-spotted Woodpecker, this whilst out walking with my wife......are 'birders' allowed to do this? Two Jay were to note in Williamson Park, and a Sparrowhawk flew out of the Ovangle Road roundabout in front of my car at lunch time.

As for the pic - certainly not taken today - I think I know one birder who will be as much acquainted with this scene as anyone is, the breakwater behind The Dome at Morecambe.

I'm getting depressed again as I've not been out birding since last Wednesday and quite honestly I cannot go on like this!
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