Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Another Pic's Gallery.

Thanks to Chris Batty

Well for starters if you're as thick as I am when it comes to immature gulls then this pic of the juvenile Yellow - legged Gull is just up your street, so take a close look at it because the YLG's are around and you may as well be able to ID one as not if you're going to insist on being called a 'birder' as I would like to be.

Thanks to Brian Rafferty

This has to be as good a pic of the juvenile Ringed Plover as you could possibly hope for. One of the 'liveliest' of shorebirds and in terms of being a local breeder was first recorded inland on the River Lune at Caton in 1947, and 31 years later in 1978 there were 42 inland pairs. In 2007 only four pairs bred on the River Lune.
Thanks to Brian Rafferty.

Another excellent image this time the Dunlin, this is the bird used as a yardstick in the process of ID of suchlike species. The bird is known to be a difficult one to census on its breeding grounds and distribution maps are incomplete to an unknown degree, it is not unrealistic to place the Lancashire population at c.50 pairs......Wow!

Thanks to Paul Baker.

The Least Sandpiper, something of an extreme rarity in the UK - when did you last see one - and breeds in Alaska and N Canada, this pic was taken in British Columbia......Thanks Paul

Thanks to Paul Baker.

The Cooper's Hawk, a medium sized hawk native to the N American continent and found from Canada to Mexico is one of the bird-worlds most skillful flyer's......Thanks again for your excellent images Paul.


Colin Bushell said...

Been trying my luck at sorting out YLG's this year in Lancs and SW Scotland (very difficult to get accepted there). I'll let you know when I find one. And then when I'm told it's a LBBG!!!
That's a brilliant pic by Chris though.

Pete Woodruff said...

No good asking you to come and stand next to me for an hour or so at Glasson Dock then Colin so you can shout in my ear'ole 'its that one there Pete'.

Yes I thought it an excellent pic of the juvenile, I'll take a look and see if there are any more as they are well worth studying......well for people like me they are anyhow.

Thanks for comments Colin.

Brian Rafferty said...
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Brian Rafferty said...

Pete I removed my comment because of mistakes !! I will try again.

As always an interesting read and many thanks for being " hung " in your latest gallery.

You know you are welcome to use any of my images if they are " fit for purpose "