Friday, 21 August 2009

Wood you believe it!

First time out since Monday and if it matters you missed a bird found somewhere you had been two hours earlier then you got your timing wrong. Well at around 11.40 this morning I was with JB/BT at Conder Green and counted twelve of the fifteen Greenshank seen on Conder Pool yesterday, at least 5 Common Sandpiper, a Kingfisher, and a Sparrowhawk pushed c.800 Lapwing off Jeremy Lane and over the pool. A single Black - tailed Godwit was noted in the channel below the old railway bridge and the first 2 Little Egret of the autumn were on the marsh. So now for the 'bit' were we got the timing wrong when at 1.38 pm the RBA pager told us a juvenile Wood Sandpiper had been on Conder Pool briefly......I just think someones out to wind me up!

But before all this......we had been to Aldcliffe (remember BT's car goes into auto pilot about 10.00 every Friday morning and ends up here) and were rewarded by 2 Green Sandpiper, c.50 Swallow over the wildfowlers pool, and 4 Snipe on the flood.

At Glasson Dock birding was in ruins if only because by now almost 10 mtrs of tide covered the Lune Estuary and marshes but the Black Swan - having been absent since 9 June - was here again with the Mute Swan's, where does this bird keep disappearing to as it was also seen on a date prior to 9 June. As a sort of religious act we have a 'buttie and cuppa' on Bodie Hill each and every Friday we 'do' this coastal area, from where a Peregrine Falcon was seen over the marsh.

At Pilling Lane Ends BT noted at least 20 Common Blue, 2 Painted Lady, and 2 Wall Brown butterflies, whilst I noted no birds of any significance here. And finally......a visit to Cockers Dyke produced an adult Mediterranean Gull and an adult and juvenile Sandwich Tern.

The Wood Sandpiper above is most certainly not todays Conder Pool bird but was at Marshside recently when BR was visiting armed as ever with his camera.....Thanks again Brian.


Brian Rafferty said...

Yes Pete sometimes it's all about timing, right place right time!! At least you managed to get out and have a good day's birding and good numbers of Common Blue.Thanks for Wood/Sand exposure.Let's hope the current good weather brings more " goodies " to our shores.

Pete Woodruff said...

Skill's play the big part too Brian. I know the birder who is currently 'doing the rounds' here and elsewhere, credit where its due he's up there at the top in my book and be warned we're surrounded by them and I know them all......they inspire me constantly.

Enjoy whatever you do.


Phil said...

I'm sat in again this morning Pete as I made the usual error of believing a weather forecast. None of us can be out 24/7, and although it's nice to see things we musn't get streesed when we miss the odd thing. The main priority is to enjoy what we do and not get caught up ina stupid listing competition?

Pete Woodruff said...

Instead if following my pessimistic instincts regarding the weather, I set off to check out Conder Pool prior to a WeBS count, sat in the car 15 minutes 'cos by now it was peeing down, got out of the car to the viewing platform to get quite wet looking at 9 Snipe, 3 Greenshank, and a Common Sandpiper before concluding I need medical help in the form of a shrink to tell me I've really lost it now. But I came to my senses and retired back home......I ain't counting birds for nobody and getting drenched in the process.

Don't have a 'list' of ANY description Phil. Thanks for comments much appreciated.