Sunday, 30 August 2009


......binoculors......River Lune......gull's.

Did it again by combining an agreement with KW to do the 'taxi run' to Sainsbury's and heading behind the store to 'sift' through the gulls on the river to find an adult Mediterranean Gull again as on 16 August and to confirm the bird is unringed.

Reed Warbler with thanks to David Cookson.

An interesting observation was made by David whilst trying to gain the best possible image of this bird - which I would suggest he certainly achieved - in that he watched as it attacked insects knocking them into the water before retrieving them - once they had succumbed and drowned - to feed its young.
Whilst on the subject of bird behaviour, one 'snatched' from my record book was of the amazing sight at Leighton Moss from the Griesdale Hide on 21 August 1998 of a Kingfisher perched in a small tree opposite the hide accompanied - on a branch not more than 10 mtrs above it - by a Sparrowhawk. Absolutely nothing came of this close encounter with death by the Kingfisher even when it decided to fly off.
And in order to fill this small gap in my birding on the blog ponder this......The world belongs to the courageous and if you often find yourself saying 'I cannot' then you're setting yourself limitations. Take the bumble-bee which weighs c.1.2 grammes and has a wingspan of c.0.7 cm. According to the well known laws of aerodynamics, it is not possible to fly in these circumstances but the bumble-bee doesn't know it flies!

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