Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Picture Gallery.

With my birding availability unavoidably in doubt at the moment I thought a Picture Gallery of some quiet amazing images from some of my ever increasing contributors of photographs to my blog would be a good idea. With apologies for the 'in a straight line' presentation, but until I find the method of formatting the pictures between the text we will have to put up with this.

The images I have required recently have become much more amazing and impressive and the one of the Treecreeper is with thanks and credited to David Cookson. I personally find this photograph simply quite stunning and shows the bird gathering nesting material whilst clearly illustrating its ability to not only walk up a tree but also to walk upside-down on one as we will all have observed on many occasions......Brilliant David.

The Little Egret is one of my own I thought I'd squeeze in and was taken at the Eric M'cbe Complex at Leighton Moss recently.

The image of the 'shrike' was taken by Mike Watson at Alston Moor in Cumbria. The bird was found here recently and was at first suggested to be a 'possible' Steppe Grey Shrike but Mikes efforts through his photography and a short video on his blog - which can be linked through this one - are commendable with his explanations of the birds characteristics which lean towards it being a Great Grey Shrike. Great stuff Mike. I'm not sure where the debate on this stands right now so I'd best shut up!

The last image of the stunning juvenile Marsh Harrier down in the reeds at Leighton Moss I think I could quite safely say is 'obviously' credited to Brian Rafferty. BR has been incredibly fortunate of late at LM with Hobby, Bittern, and now this brilliant Marsh Harrier 'under his belt'. Keep it up Brian and thanks for letting me use your pic's everyone.


Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. Great idea and nice to be included in your selection. All great shots but Dave Cookson's treecreeper is literally " top of the tree " stuff, brilliant.

Pete Woodruff said...

Must agree re DC's shot but not a competition Brian. Thanks for commenting on the 'good idea' helps brighten up the blog, hopefully keeps it interesting and helps to get all three of you on the road to professionalism......Urhum!

Mike Watson said...
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Mike Watson said...

OK I will try again without the typo..Great treecreeper, wow! Formatting tips: 1. When loading photos select 'none' instead of left, right etc and this should stop the text 'wrapping around' them. 2. When inserting spaces between the photos press both the 'shift' + 'return' keys at the same time to make a 'hard return', which will preserve the spaces between them. Let me know if you need anything else. BR Mike

Pete Woodruff said...

Excellent Mike and thanks for your offer of further help. All I really need is computer skills.