Thursday, 13 August 2009

Med Up......Not Fed Up.

Not at all connected to this post but an excellent image of a male Grey Wagtail courtesy of Peter Guy.
An excellent day with JB if only because six Mediterranean Gull's were found, all adults two on the Lune Estuary at Glasson Dock, one in a field off Jeremy Lane, and three on Preesall Sands at Cockers Dyke where I had to sift through c.550 mainly Black - headed Gull's, also two smart Grey Plover in breeding plumage were of note. Earlier at Knott End the only bird record was of a Whimbrel heard going over, otherwise whilst having a 'buttie' we watched modern technology in action in the form of the sign which lights up the speed you are traveling at as you approach it in your car, not one of which exceeded 28mph but probably one or two accelerated to 60mph soon after in the same 30mph speed limit zone......

......talking of which, if you think these two were playing at being 'coppers' you'd have been in for a shock and a few quid less in your bank account if you'd have driven towards them at 31mph today at Glasson Dock 'cos one of 'ems armed with a speed sensor......and the 'Moggie's' for real too though parked illegally on the pavement I would have thought.
At Conder Green the Common Sandpiper number seems to have fallen as just four were seen today, also 3 Greenshank, a Spotted Redshank, and 6 Black - tailed Godwit were to note. At Fluke Hall 3 Wheatear were the only birds to note, butterflies seen were, 6 Wall Brown, 3 Painted Lady, a Gatekeeper, and 3 Common Blue of which I don't think I've seen more than six all summer......something wrong there surely.
Yesterday I had a little time on my hands between a 'taxi' job and spent it at Teal Bay as the tide came in noting a solitary Black - tailed Godwit, 4 Whimbrel, and a hunting Peregrine Falcon which appeared to make one or two weak attempts at taking prey but failed miserably before flying off over the golf course. I often feel unable to understand the behaviour of these birds of prey in particular the Peregrine as this one here today in my view could easily have taken a lone Dunlin in the air and appeared to be going to do so but the Dunlin seemed to manoeuvre itself from certain death with little effort.
Not a long list of birds gathered today but every birding day is a day well spent in my book......roll on the next one!
I have no idea why the 'posted by' line below is as long as your arm away from this one but I'm obviously doing something wrong somewhere sometimes.


Colin Bushell said...

A "6 Med Day" is a good day in my books Pete.

Pete Woodruff said...

Someone once said not that long ago, Med Gull's are all over the place these days, to which I replied yes but you still have to find them to prove they are, but you're right six in a day is very rewarding.

Can I just tell you it's the 6th anniversary of the White - winged Black Tern at Conder Green today 14August 2003.

Thanks for looking in again Colin and Good Birding to you.