Monday, 19 October 2009

Coming Soon.

With another of those enforced days 'off the road' and no way of overcoming it I thought it an idea to pass away the odd hour and keep the blog alive by posting one or two of my - mainly moderate - pics of some birds we can at least hope may be 'Coming Soon' to turn up in the area this winter like the Snow Bunting in the pic which I took at Lytham a few years ago, but the place I will be looking quite closely and regularly in our area will be Cockersands, a location well overdue the appearance of this bird.

A bird more likely to be seen will be the Twite which can be found at lots of locations including anywhere from Aldcliffe/Conder Green/Cockersands/Bank End/Pilling Lane Ends/Fluke Hall and all the way to Knott End. The bird on the left in this pic taken at Conder Green last year shows its pink rump reasonably well, not something easy to observe in the Twite.

The Waxwing never fails to draw the crowds when it shows up like this one which was at Levens Village last year with some of its relatives on 14 November. I must say this is just about the worst pic of this set but represents a nice record for me of this enigmatic species.

And finally the Bean Goose and another pic from last year when four birds were in a stubble field on Fluke Hall Lane at Pilling. Although two of the three in this pic are showing their rears it was probably my last chance to see that number of Bean Geese at one sighting in our area for some time I would guess.


Warren Baker said...

Any of those species on my patch would have me jumping up and down!

Pete Woodruff said...

Its good then that you can see some of the birds of NW England on Birds2blog whilst I can see some of the birds of the SE on Pittswood Birds Warren.

Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. Enjoyed your latest posting. Always a good read and nice to see some of your birdy pics for a change !! I am fairly certain there was a small flock of Twite at Cocker's Dyke yesterday and the last time I saw Snow Bunting was a very obliging bird on the conrete ramp at Fluke Hall a few yers ago.

Pete Woodruff said...

Bit thin on Snow Bunting in this area Brian but - in terms of Cockersands - I'm going to/someone will find one this winter mark my words.

Mistlethrush said...

We had waxwings in Chorley last winter. Hope we get them this year too. Maybe I should plant an ornamental Rowan in the garden....

Pete Woodruff said...

I'd definitely recommend you plant some Rowan in your garden Carol. I too hope you get more Waxwing again this year, a lovely thought.

Thanks for looking in.