Wednesday, 7 October 2009

My Kind of Birding.

A good calm day with some hazy sun and an excellent opportunity to check the October Stonechats here and there. Not a lot of pen and paper used today with two and a half hours on Harrisend producing 9 Stonechats, if I'm to compare this number with 15 October 2008 it happens to be a disappointing one with 22 birds seen on that date, an all time record for Harrisend, but the upturn in the status of the Stonechat has ended in my view but more on that at a later date. Also noted here today, 27 Meadow Pipit with 22 noted having no determination in their flight and several coming down on to the moor, 7 Swallow south, 2 Reed Bunting, 3 Wren, a Robin, a solitary Red Grouse, a Kestrel, Buzzard, and a Brown Hare.

From the access track to Hawthornthwaite off Scorton Road, 8 Stonechat, 4 Red Grouse, 4 Wren, and a Kestrel. And from the Marshaw access track to the same fell, 2 Stonechat and a Buzzard were the rewards for my 1.5 hour effort on here forming a good part of My Kind of Birding.

Thanks to Peter Guy for the female Stonechat image.


Warren Baker said...

seems you fav. bird is a very common visitor to your area Pete. My patch though is graced by these little stunners only occasionally - so I was thrilled to bits to have 2 today!

Pete Woodruff said...

Mainly upland breeders now Warren and 'little stunners' is spot on.

Thanks for your comments.