Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Filling the gap!

Another gap filler for Birds2blog this time with some images from Colin Bushells recent trip to Brazil where - as expected - he encountered many exotic birds with equally exotic names which will help bring some colour to the blog on a colourless dull rainy day. I have no intention of 'stealing' Colin's account to accompany these pictures and highly recommend looking up his blog which can be linked from here and always from the sidebar on the left of these post's. Thanks for allowing me to share your photographs on here Colin, the sparse text which accompanies the post is made up for by the diversity of the four pic's which are a mere fraction of what you encountered again this year in Brazil.

Above is a picture of the male Surucua Trogon taken in Carma.

Three-toed Jacamar.

This one I couldn't resist and is the brilliantly named Pearl Kite taken on Colin's 2008 trip to Brazil.

And how about this truly amazing moth for which I have no name to add but hope to have soon.


Warren Baker said...

I needed a gap filler today Pete. The birding mirrored the weather - DIRE!

Pete Woodruff said...

Two good days ahead up here in the North Warren and I'll be taking full advantage of them both unless someone somewhere has other plans for me which I don't yet know about.