Saturday, 31 October 2009

Starling Spectacular.

With my birding in serious jeopardy - possibly for a few days - I can be thankful that Brian Rafferty hasn't been in the same situation with his photography and that he was able to get to Marton Mere at Blackpool this Wednesday 28 October to witness and record on film the truly amazing spectacle of an estimated 60,000 Starlings in flight and preparing to go to roost.

Brian also had the advantage of an equally spectacular sunset to compliment his already stunning images of an event which stays in the mind forever. Thanks once more to BR for giving me access to these pictures and allowing me to post them on Birds2blog.
Please visit BR's blog here or the link on the left of this post to see some excellent photographs.

Marton Mere remains my best ever experience of this same spectacle many years ago when an albino Starling was present with a similar sized flock to the current one here and stood out from the other birds quite clearly as I recall.


Warren Baker said...

your right Pete - stunning!

Colin Bushell said...

Cracking images there Pete. Some good Starling roosts to visit nowadays with Leighton Moss as well. The Gretna one just over the border takes some beating though.

sharon said...

Wow - fantastic shots, even managed to get the Tower in the background!

Pete Woodruff said...

Yes 'stunning' Warren. I really do like to admire other peoples excellent photography it being a serious past pursuit of mine having given it all up for birds, the two don't 'mix' for me if only from the point of view of equipment required if you're going to do the combination seriously.

In terms of numbers the LM/MM roosts are apparently similar Colin.

The tower included in the one image is both excellent and important Sharon if you are going to illustrate where the location is as BR has succeeded in doing here.

Thanks for comments everyone, I'm quite convinced Brian Rafferty will appreciate them too.

Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. What can I say !!! Thanks very much for showcasing my pictures from Marton Mere. It was a wonderful experience and one of my most memorable sightings so far.I was there again yesterday and will probably return again this week weather permitting.

Thanks again Pete and take care.