Sunday, 4 October 2009

A couple more pics......

......and a brief comment on a recent excellent record......all to keep the blog breathing and alive.

I have a particular reason for liking the Bar - tailed Godwit/Knot pic, the bird still retaining its summer plumage and standing out from the rest is a reminder for me about the one I found at Rossall Point way back on 9 December in 1995, it was in the company of another BTG which was - given the date - as you would expect in winter plumage. However, the other one was quite amazingly in full summer plumage and remains the oddest of sightings I ever had of a bird quite inappropriately 'dressed' at the beginning of December. Incidentally the record of Bar - tailed Godwit at Rossall Point is in itself 'unusual' at this location.
The Oystercatchers make an excellent photograph with their black and white plumage and bright orange/red bill making them one of our more attractive waders and even more so in flight. Thanks for letting me use your pics again BR.
And the excellent record was submitted by Steve Wallis on the LDBWS website and was made on Saturday 26 September on Tarnbrook Fell when he saw 10/12 Whinchat. With the exception of 15 birds I found in the Cross of Greet/Bloe Greet area this summer - and short of searching through recent past records - I'm quite convinced this is by far the best single day record of the Whinchat in the LDBWS recording area in 2009 or any previous year for quite some time and is most certainly one not to be overlooked, it also exceeded Stonechat sightings for Steve on the same day by 8/10 birds......who would ever have thought!


Warren Baker said...

Thats quite some Whinchat count! I think my best was 3 on the same day. :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Yes an excellent count of Whinchat Warren and I thought worth another mention on the blog from the LDBWS website.