Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A Dump Too Late!

With apologies to anyone who looks in on Birds2blog for more interest than what follows will generate. I'm in possession of information regarding a post on 'another' website yesterday which apparently referred to my 'handling' of the news regarding the current Black Redstart found at Cockersands on Monday.
Whilst I'm still intent on maintaining my 'no names' policy on Bird2blog (with the exception of the photographers who permit me to post their images, and others who I'm fully aware won't be affected by my naming them) and whilst the 'controversy' policy goes out the window, I'm not prepared to sit back and allow unacceptable criticisms about me and the running of this blog by someone who doesn't know what they are talking about, it's worth remembering......a little knowledge is dangerous.
Unfortunately the 'dump' on the other website wasn't quick enough off the mark and I am now aware of what was said albeit not perhaps word for word. It seems this person thought it a poor way for me to release the news about this bird, being that because I had indicated on the other website that 'details could be found here' then made a link to Birds2blog which in this persons view - and possibly/probably others - meant a trawl through a load of rubbish before arriving at the important bit......well thanks a lot Mr Person.
Well......the fact of the matter is, that I reckon most - if not all - visitors to the other website and the group it represents also visit this blog so there's not much point in distancing ourselves from this unpleasant attitude to what in the end is 'supposed' to be an interesting and learning pleasure/informative/scientific/hobby/ birding what you will. endeth the first lesson but wait a my informant given to lying? Perhaps the accused 'Mr Person' will come on the blog and tell us that the informant certainly is here.
Of course if you got to the post on the other website smart enough before the 'dump' you know who I'm talking about......I do.

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