Sunday, 15 November 2009

Off The Road!

Filling the gap again as birding has taken a back seat and I've been off the road once more since Thursday last and although my desire is to get on out there again tomorrow the weather may well dictate otherwise. So a couple of excellent images of the Surf Scoter from my friend over the pond in BC Canada are the order of the day. This species was removed from the BBRC Rarity List in 1990 by which time over 460 birds had been recorded the bulk of which were in Scotland with the Firth of Forth and Moray Firth being the most popular sites.

And as something of a slight relief from the birds two more images from another friend of mine - Richard Shilling - who's creative thinking never ceases to amaze me as I have said many times before and you can see for yourself via the link in the column on the left of this post. The title of this piece of artwork is 'Floating Red Oak Leaf Squares'. Great stuff Richard, keep up the good work and many thanks for allowing me to brighten up Birds2blog occasionally with your creations.

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