Sunday, 29 November 2009

Three CB's!

Three more 'gap-filler images' from globetrotter Colin Bushell starting with the Lear's Macaw which Colin encountered recently on his current trip to NE Brazil. Colin tells us the birds were seen following a trek to see them leaving their overnight roost near Canudos. Apparently the total population of the species appears to stand at around just 250 birds and this party of birders reckon they saw about 50% of the population at this sighting if this is the case.

Lettered Aracari in NE Brazil.

And the Northern Caracaras seen and photographed in Guyana earlier this year. You can keep up with the travels of Colin Bushell here also linked 'Ribble to Amazon' on the left of this post.

The new link 'LinkWithin' which I have added to the blog will take the viewer to a previous post at random on Birds2blog, so if by chance you have no interest in a blast from the past......ignore it!


sharon said...

Cool "gap filler" photos, very nice! I see you had no reason to fear the flag counter - 177 from UK? Very good!!

Warren Baker said...

I like you flag stat thingy - so I added one to my site. :-)

sharon said...

Pete - you've started a trend now... I've added one to my site too!

Pete Woodruff said...

Adds a new dimension to your blogs plus the intrigue of where your visitors really come from......stand by to be amazed.

Thanks for looking in on Birds2blog Sharon/Warren.