Monday, 2 November 2009

A Change of Plan.

After I had been thinking opportunities were certainly not looking good at the moment, a change of plan meant I could get out birding after all albeit that a few negatives were still around not least of all the weather but also I was late off the mark again today and due to the aforementioned weather it ended up a 'late start/early finish' day.
At Conder Green/Glasson Dock another negative was the high tide which renders the area not the best birding location in the world unless the waders use Conder Pool as a roost which they had decided not to do today. Well if you like a challenge try counting the 10 Little Grebes on here again today, it took me something like as many counts as there was birds, they were spread all over the pool and up and down like yoyo's, the wintering Common Sandpiper seen again, and 3 Goldeneye were to note. With the tide at its height I left the area via Jeremy Lane where I found 6 Whooper Swans in a field with 75 Mute Swans.
From the car park at Pilling Lane Ends I needed the telescope to ID 7 Whooper Swans more than a mile out on the sands and also noted 3 Little Egret on the marsh. I left here knowing full well I could have been turning my back on a number of bird species all well hidden in the channels and undulations of this bird rich marsh with not a chance in hell of seeing them.
On Fluke Hall Lane another 38 Whooper Swans were in a stubble field with a smart adult Mediterranean Gull in the next one up the road. I was by now mentally in top gear and could see a good birding day developing, but wait a minute I'm in the UK and within 15 minutes of these kind of thoughts running through my head it was p****** down and it was goodbye and Lancaster here I come. But I don't give in quite so easily and actually went to Cockersands to sit out the 'shower' thus proving beyond all doubt I'm definitely well on the way to 'loosing it' and one hour later was on my way home never having left the car for two hours.
I posted an excellent pic of Whooper Swans by David Cookson a few days ago on Birds2blog, but today's isn't excellent but a half decent one by me and shows about 14 of the 38 on Fluke Hall Lane today.
By the way you're wrong......the word is POURING!


Brian Rafferty said...

Hi Pete. Not the best of days and it doesn't look like changing much this week. You got out and about that's the main thing and had your usual variety. I would say your whooper swans pic is excellent and is a lovely group portrait. I went to Marton Mere again with Paul Foster but it was dull and damp !!

Warren Baker said...

Still better than my day today (3rd) Pete, got soaked twice.

Pete Woodruff said...

No change this week Brian as you say, and I think at one point we were going to Hesketh Marsh I think.

Iv'e been out today (Tuesday) and had to run - not for my life - but from hail stones which I thought may break my widscreen if it came any harder Warren.