Thursday, 17 December 2009

This is History.

Filling the gap on Birds2blog until I can get out birding again....Wot No Pic's!

Some of these random selected 'blasts from the past' extracted for LDBWS Annual Reports, rank from remarkable to mind boggling in relation to the birds we can see/don't see today, I may also have already mentioned some in a previous post on Birds2blog, if so my apologies. 

Fifty years is a long time ago perhaps but in 1959 just imagine the following records of a species which - unless someone is keeping secrets from us - can't be found anywhere within the recording area and beyond......

The Nightjar breeds in the Lune Valley, more common on the hills in Quernmore, and wait for it......15/20 pairs on Warton Crag. In the same year there was no evidence of 'recent' breeding of the Stonechat. 60/70 Yellowhammer were recorded at Leighton Moss on 31 December......Well WOW to all that lot. 

There are a lot of 'WOW' records to be found if you search the archives, and what about c.250 Redpoll at Leighton Moss in Sept/Oct 1964......go there tomorrow and see if you can equal this!

In 1966 a Caspian Tern was a first record not only for this area but also for Lancashire. The record of four Cirl Bunting at Conder Green on 18 November 1968 (but not verified) fascinated me and would more than fascinate me if I find one there on my next visit.

This one is my favourite of the random selection......An adult Little Egret on 25 May 1970 was the first record for the area......who would have thought 40 years on! And the Twite in 1973 was referred to as a species which is 'undoubtedly overlooked' whilst a pair were possibly breeding in Crag Wood in 1977.

I think perhaps here we should leave this 'gap filler' for Birds2blog and ponder as to why some of these sightings have changed so dramatically over the years, one of the best examples I know of is......why - over at least the past ten years in my book - has the Whinchat ceased to breed on Clougha/Birk Bank when in 1976 three pairs did so?


Warren Baker said...

Its always fascinating to ponder over the facts and figures of the past Pete.

No birding for 10 days, thats just hell!!!

Colin Bushell said...

Nice post Pete; exploring the past is just one of the reasons Bird2Blog is such a good read.

Pete Woodruff said...

Fits in nicely Warren......HELL!Can always rely on a comment from you, much appreciated.

Welcome back to the UK Colin, nice comment about Birds2blog thanks......really.

Phil said...

An interesting post Pete. Such a pity that unfortunately a lot of the recent history is negative rather than positive. Just an observation!


Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for comment Phil, couldn't agree with you more about a lot of recent history being negative.

Anonymous said...

Yep, i`d be climbing the walls, if i had 10 days of not birding on the trot.
You`re a stronger man than me, Pete.

Brian Rafferty said...

Thanks Pete another fascinating read with many interesting facts from you archives.
We all have to endure Christmas and it certainly becomes less appealing the older you get !! I am sure you will be able to squeeze in a bit of birding in the next ten days ??

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for looking in Dean.

Unfortunately it gets worse - as if it could - as my car was giving me cause for concern this afternoon and my mechanic can't look at it until Tuesday......looks like 'Birding by bus' as an act of desperation.

Good to hear from you again Brian. read what I said to Dean to bring you up to date.