Sunday, 13 December 2009

Not looking good......

......for my birding this week what with this Crazy Christmas lark - well there's a pun - and the washer deciding to blow up and breath its last I'm completely knackered and what with researching for a new one plus purchase/delivery/installation my mental state is going to be in shreds. So I'd say Thursday is the best chance I have up to now though KT doesn't know I have this fixed inside my head yet. Meanwhile, thanks to my photographic/birder contacts and RS's 'Landart' I can at least put up a fight at keeping the blog alive with the following pics.

This is a stunning image of the equally stunning male Desert Wheatear thanks to Mike Watson who was off on his birding trip to Oman and Bahrain in Oct/Nov this year. The first record of a Desert Wheatear O.d homochroa in the UK is of a male found in 1880 at Alloa in Scotland and all these years on this first record fits in with the now established pattern of vagrancy for the species which became annual during the 1990's. A male was found at Fair Isle in October 1928 and was eventually accepted as being the first British record of the eastern race O.d.deserti.

Warren Baker got this excellent shot of the Great-spotted Woodpecker feeding in his garden......Thanks Warren.

And thanks to Richard Shilling we have another of his creations which he calls '4 Colour Sun Wheel' which unfortunately I have created as a collage in the wrong sequence because the bottom picture is of Richards original location for the artwork which he moved to a different one in sunlight (top) close to a path for others hopefully to enjoy. As always I recommend you take a look at this and other pieces of Richards 'Landart' which is linked in my sidebar to the left of this post. Its worth noting that Richard collects his material on location for is work and as far as I'm aware never takes any with him. Always a pleasant relief from the birds Richard and many thanks for allowing me to put your art on Birds2blog.


Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. I know just how you feel !!

I am also glad when Christmas is over and things can return to normal and we begin to look forward to the delights of Spring just around the corner.

At least you are keeping your blog alive,mine seems to have taken a back seat for the moment. Hope your domestic issues resolve and you manage to get out birding on Thursday

Warren Baker said...

I hate it when domestic issues get in the way of birding!

Thanks for pluggin my pic. :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Yes, Thursday remains my best hope Brian fingers crossed. By the way, please don't leave your blog/camera on the back seat for much longer as I'm constantly looking for pics as you well know.

I hate anything that gets in the way of birding Warren. said...

Nice blog indeed! The content is very interesting and the justified text is delightful!
Hello there from Italy!

Pete Woodruff said...

Welcome from Italy 'phillandia' and many thanks for your comments which are very much appreciated.

I take it you have at least a little interest in birds as Birds2 blog content is virtually all that subject.

Mike Watson said...

Hi Pete, try increasing the saturation of photos when you re-size them for the web as they lose around this amount of colour when you make them smaller. Keep up the good work. BR, MIke

Pete Woodruff said...

Will look into this as anything bordering on the imperfect - in this case image enhancement on a computer screen - is absolutely of no use to me at all.

Thanks for looking in and comments Mike, and by the way, as I have no postal/e-mail address for you......A Very Happy Christmas and all that's good in 2010.