Wednesday, 9 December 2009

No Real Need...... update Birds2blog on a daily basis but there are so many excellent images of birds out there that I just cannot resist posting some of them and they really are all excellent. Of course I don't have to remind anyone that they are posted with the kind permission of all the photographers and birders I meet on 'my rounds' on a regular basis and I'm here to thank them all once more for helping me to create one of the best and brightest bird photograph blogs to be seen anywhere and none of these are professionals to my knowledge.

Two of today's images may well be out of season but I'm not sure that matters and this one of the Whinchat represents my second favourite passerine. Anyone who knows me knows the first favourite is the Stonechat and there's not another single bird for me which beats this one to that privilege.

And the Swift, the amazing bird which almost totally lives on the wing, try getting your head around that one in human terms then. As for the image of this bird in flight well, not many photographers can lay claim to achieving one as good as this in flight shot.

Many thanks for both the above pictures Simon.

And the smart little female Reed Bunting thanks to Stuart Piner who I've not seen since he discovered the Long-billed Dowitcher at Cockersands on Tuesday 13 October when I was at Conder Green and the RBA pager alerted me to the find and I was stood by Stuart within minutes looking for the bird which had done a disappearing act but wasn't long before it reappeared to give excellent views. I'm not prepared to make any patronising comments about SP but he does rank amongst the best of birders of which I know one or two.

An adult Mediterranean Gull was off Morecambe Town Hall slipway mid-afternoon today.


Si_72 said...

Hi Pete
Good to see a couple of my images on the screen. The fist was taken at Cam Brow perched on the fence as you look towards Hawthornthwaite. The Swift was feeding over Conder Pools - probably a couple of years ago!
Cheers Simon

Warren Baker said...

Nothing like your first whinchat of the spring. Lovely little birds!

Brian Rafferty said...

Yes Pete your blog is one of the best and brightest around and I always look forward to seeing what you have been up to !!

Hope to provide you with more material before too long. Keep blogging.

Pete Woodruff said...

Good to hear from you again Simon.

I made a comment about not saying anything too patronising re someone yesterday on the blog but I must say these two images of yours - Whinchat/Swift - really are excellent and thanks for allowing me to use them.

In my book like an annual rarity the Whinchat Warren. Hope you realy are better now.

Pete Woodruff said...

Ahhhh posted whilst I was writing my replies to Simon/Warren. Thanks for your kind comments re Birds2blog.

With regard to your 'more material' keep'em cumin!