Friday, 18 December 2009

This is the News.

OK, so I never ceated a blog to unload my lifes little problems which come my way from time to time, but just a minute, things are going from bad to worse. In the first place I had thought I would get out birding yesterday for the first time in six days but that fell apart, I was never going to get out today and weekend now its Monday until my car decides its given me five years of untroubled motoring so today it gave me cause for some serious concern and my mechanic tells me he can't look at it until Tuesday, well by now I'm thinking I may as well be dead......Ahhhh, you should never say things like that said grandma!

So now I may have to make plans to bird by bus on Monday, well I could take the ride to Conder Green to check out the bird life there, then to Glasson Dock, and then a cholesterol fighting walk to Cockersands......sounds good actually, I'll keep you informed.

Meanwhile, how about Brian Raffertys stunning images of the Barn Owl at the top of the page, and more of BR's stunning images of the Little Owl above in the Trough of Bowland.

And you really would think someone had said to the Short-eared Owl......'look I'm going to take your photograph will you please stare at me with those glaring eyes'......Excellent pictures as ever Brian and thanks a bundle.


Warren Baker said...

''things can only get better'' and I hope they do!

Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. Knowing your determination to overcome the odds, I am certain you will manage some time with the birds before the "festivities " set in.

Thanks very much for showing some of my owl images and I wish you and yours a happy Christmas.

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for comments guys.

Not wanting to sound too downcast but still not looking good for birding yet but at least there's another post above this one for you to read if you can bring yourselves to do so....I'm confident you will!