Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Before and after....

....the KP discovery.

Whitethroat. Pete Woodruff

I was with JB yesterday and before the discovery of the Kentish Plover at Cockersands we had gone to Conder Green where at least 3 House Martins had returned to River Winds, a single Swift over, and a singing Garden Warbler and Whitethroat were at the picnic area, the latter I even managed one of my almost acceptable photographs. In the creeks it was good to see a Greenshank here still, also a Spotted Redshank appears to have almost completed its amazing and unique transformation to black breeding plumage. 

Whimbrel. John Bateman

At Cockersands up to 15 Whimbrel, 5 Bar-tailed Godwit in stunning summer plumage, as were 2 Knot, a solitary Grey Plover, c.330 Oystercatcher, c.180 Dunlin, c.50 Ringed Plover, and 4 Eider by the lighthouse. Small birds of note, a Whitethroat, Sedge Warbler and Dunnock....The rest was after the KP find and was the continuation of what JB and I had planned for today at the off, but be warned....

If you're proposing any upland birding/walking take note of the sign in the pic above which - if you're prepared to stand by the regulations - will bar you from any open access area in the forest of Bowland until it rains for who knows how long they want it to....this'll be a blow to the Ring Ouzel listers. With hindsight it was an unwise decision to go into Bowland when I already knew the way was thus barred at the entrance to the access track up Clougha/Birk Bank. But I did end up hearing a singing Pied Flycatcher just up from Trough Bridge opposite the track on to Winfold Fell, and also noted a 'classic' White Wagtail on the stream by the cattle grid at Marshaw with one or two Green Hairstreak also of note, otherwise the visit was a damp squid.

Bluebells at Abbeystead. Pete Woodruff.

The Bluebell show is excellent at the moment but there was a big disappointment at Stoops Bridge in Abbeystead where the Pied Flycatchers don't appear to have returned, perhaps we can hope for some late arrivals. A Garden Warbler and Blackcap were both in full voice and competing for songster of the year award....great stuff!

In my book today was a monumental one and including all the above....Long Live Cockersands.

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