Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Well, that was fun!

I set out this morning without a single pessimistic thought in my head regarding the weather even though it was dull and grey with a stiff breeze, but by the time I arrived at Conder Green, well guess what....yes it was raining and remained that way until I threw in the towel two hours later at Cockersands defeated by the elements once more having waited in vain to see if a change for the better would come....Well, that was fun!

 I did have a look over Conder Pool which was as depressing as the weather though I must say a surprise with a Common Sandpiper on here had me wondering what this little bugger was doing here on 17 May, not breeding this year, breeding somewhere up the River Conder, or just running late....Mmmmm!

So....some other bits and pics of interest including BBC Nature UK which has quite a bit of both including an excellent image from David Cookson who has found, whilst one door closes another one opens, which prompts me to mention 'The Photographers Tale' just once more as I had one or two comments here and some e-mails about the post. However, I must reiterate, my stand is on the side of DC on this particular issue bearing in mind this is by no means always the case with me and wildlife/bird photographers, as I've experienced some 'bad moves' made by them over the years, but a website publishing images of  - for example - Blue Tits, Sand Martins, and Kingfishers obviously at nest sites but rejecting one of an Avocet and chick by DC, taken from inside a public hide with fifty people in it is  - to keep things polite - pure nonsense. 

And the pics...

Bee Eater. Phil Slade

The Bee Eater is one of the many excellent results of PS's recent trip to the Med....Thanks Phil, I always like you 'a little more' when you come back off your holidays here. 

Common Tern. Cliff Raby

This is a brilliant photograph of the Common Terns at Preston Docks where rafts are put in place for these delightful birds to breed....Like I say Cliff a brilliant pic and many thanks.

Greylag. Gary Jones

The picture of the Greylag amongst the Flag Iris at Leighton Moss is simply brilliant and makes for a photograph with an artistic touch. Photographic excellence in my opinion Gary and reminds me of the photograph of the Mallard below which I took one day at Conder Green....Thank You. 

Mallard. Pete Woodruff.

The end!


David Cookson said...

The highs (kentish plover) and lows of it all Pete, the groundhog days troll on and the....wait a minute whats that?....make it all worth while...thing is if you don't go you don't see.

Warren Baker said...

That mallard shot is the best on your post Pete ;-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Yes David 'you just have to keep on plugging away at it'.

Clearly a matter of opinion Warren as I don't happen to agree with you on this one, but thanks for giving the 'Mallard' your vote.