Thursday, 26 May 2011

Taking pics!

I'm not out birding again today making me the usual miserable bugger I am in these circumstances and I'm in danger of finding myself in the divorce court if I can't take control of this situation. So whilst I wait to see what happens next....Whether or not you were on DC's side re the recent photograph 'thing' with Birdguides you may be interested in an update on both sides of the matter and read THIS

Now take a look at a couple of DC's latest photographic achievements which fill the gap on Birds2blog until tomorrows JB/BT/PW hopeful Friday birding.

Black-tailed Godwit. David Cookson.

You can take it from me, you'll be hard pushed to find another photograph of its kind to equal this one of the stunning Black-tailed Godwit in its summer finery at Marshside recently, and....

Swallow. David Cookson.

Another one of those photographs with the 'brilliant' tag of the Swallow in flight. I'm worried about these insect feeding birds in the weather we've been/are having during the month of May....struggling to say the least I'd say. 

Whinchat. Paul Foster  

I was delighted to find seven Whinchat on Bloe Greet last Thursday 19 May and in contact with PF to enquire where he'd seen them in the area too he kindly forwarded me not only some useful info but also this photograph of the smart little male, and....

Whinchat. Paul Foster

This one of the smart little female, a favourite passerine of mine which runs a very close second to the Stonechat and not an easy bird to find these days, I try to keep a close eye on its status in our area. Thanks for the info and pics Paul....excellent stuff. 


Paul Foster said...

No problem Peter,only too glad to help.It`s really good to know we have decent numbers of Whinchat in the Bowland fells.

Warren Baker said...

Whinchats are one of my favourites too Pete :-)

Warren Baker said...

Seems I can post on your blog pete! The only one I can!! :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Ahhhh....I can't post on any blog I've already tried to Warren, so interesting to get comments from you and Paul for which I thank very much.

I'll be off now and try to post one on both your blogs right this minute, so if you don't see any from me you know I still have a problem for a reason I don't know about.

Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. Hopefully this poor weather will ease tomorrow and we can enjoy a spot of Friday birding .

Sad that DC won't be publishing on Birdguides any more but we can all still enjoy his brilliant bird photography on his blog. Lovely whinchat shots from Paul also.

Enjoy the weekend and your Friday birding...Take care.

Pete Woodruff said...

There's a lot more to be said about this nonsense and bird photography 'supposedly' around breeding birds, but I really don't want Birds2blog to become too much of a political platform either for me and most certainly not 'some' others.

Thanks for looking in and comments Brian.