Tuesday, 3 May 2011


But this is definitely not nuts!

I'm at Cockersands at around mid-day today and guess what, I have my recorders hat on and I'm even counting the guardians of Plover Scar the Oystercatchers and other birds when two elderly people pass by and ask....'are you looking at anything interesting' the very precise time I've got my lamps on a bird which instantly isn't a Ringed Plover of which there are about fifty....'everything is interesting'....I replied politely....'but do you mind if I talk to you without taking my eyes away from the telescope as I'm trying to assess the bird I just found which looks interesting to say the least'.

Now lets be straight about this, if you're looking at Ringed Plovers and all of a sudden you come across a similar looking bird which is obviously not a Ringed Plover or Little Ringed Plover, you're looking at a 'goodie'. By now I have my mobile in my hand and I'm calling a birder who's crossed my mind before in similar circumstances and who I know will probably be 'available' with no traffic to negotiate, and is known - if only to me - as a bit of a Jenson Button at the wheel but most importantly he knows what he's talking about and I love birders who know what they're talking about. 

So whilst having in mind that I don't want to end up the only birder to see this bird before it buggers off, I'm telling this guy he'd better get down the road to Cockersands 'cos I've got a 'plover' in my sights and I need him to agree with me when I tell him what this bird is.

There was actually another who ran through my mind but I thought he was in Egypt, Morocco, or somewhere exotic like that, but I was wrong and he came too, all of which was really the icing on the cake for me.

Kentish Plover. Fylde Bird Club

Certainly deja vu for me....It was a female Kentish Plover, like the one at Teal Bay 19 November 1994.


Colin Bushell said...

My phone bleeped to tell me about your KP Pete (message courtesy of the FBC). I was watching one at the time too. Trouble is I'm on Lesvos. Well done - a first class local find and just reward for your dedicated coverage of the C'sands area.

Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. Absolutely brilliant !!!...Very well done and just what you deserve for all the hard work you put in on your local patch. Bet you can't wait to get back for another look !!

David Cookson said...

Great news, and a great find Pete, many congratulations.

Geoff Gradwell said...

I left a message last night, perhaps wrong post so I too add my warmest congratulations and a reward for all the hours you have put it. Excellent... I wonder how long it will stay... can I get away?

(I 'did Lesvos' many many years ago but Sapho I think... loved the place)

Warren Baker said...

Excellent find Pete, bet you're well pleased with that!! All you work has paid dividends :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Sorry guys, I never got around to thanking you for your comments on KP....but I am doing now CB/BR/DC/GG/WB.