Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Following on....

....from yesterdays post which started with the interesting wagtail sp found some years ago in our area at Aldcliffe. An enquiry as to whether there was more images of this bird - to which the answer is unfortunately a no - you may be interested in THIS which you will need to translate, unless you are conversant with the language of the Dutch.

I'll take this opportunity to apologise for an error on Birds2blog, made in the post 'New Post....Old Pics' where I inadvertently in a lapse of concentration to those who believe in me - or mis-identified to those who don't believe in me - posted a photograph of a.... 

Lesser Redpoll. John Leedal.

Lesser Redpoll claiming it to be one of a Common Rosefinch. However, this is in fact a bright male with white underparts and wing-bars and is a good example of what many birders - not including me - would call a Mealy Redpoll. The black face and the streaked flanks are good features to eliminate Common Rosefinch.  

Common Rosefinch. John Leedal.

This is the one I should have posted, this photograph clearly shows the birds red rump.

White Stork Isidro Ortiz

Isidro has been in touch with me from Spain and has kindly offered his photographs for me to use on Birds2blog. You may need to be patient if you're after an image like this one as the White Stork flies past the view of the moon....Excellent, please take a look at his website.

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