Thursday, 17 May 2012

Picture This!

If the truth be known there are as many birders who take excellent photographs and who visit Birds2blog as there birders who don't take photographs at all, these photographers are always pleased to find a decent pic or two on here whilst I share their brilliant work with everyone. So we have an all winners situation here and that's really good and just what I like the blog to be, a show-ground, an advertising tool....Oh, and I also get out birding on occasion's and can then pass on my records.

So here are four of the most recent photographs I have found on the various websites, plus one sent to me by a birder who often helps me out of some of the holes I find myself in from time to ain't what you know, its who you know! 

    Bee-Eater Antonio Puigg  

Some birds display some truly amazing colours and the Bee-Eater must be one of the most colourful to be found in the UK on occasion's, I have seen multi reports of them today including two in East Yorkshire.

Our own Knot changes from its less colourful winter plumage into the red summer coat as shown in this excellent image which includes the very smart Grey Plover also in its summer breeding plumage.

Red Kite Phillip Tomkinson  

The Red Kite is one of a few magnificent birds of prey resident in this country and has been the subject of a successful reintroduction scheme in recent times as opposed to other species of raptor some of which are staring extinction in the face....just for being birds of prey.

Slavonion Grebe David Cookson

In its subdued winter plumage the Slavonion Grebe becomes a little black and white job, but the grebes are all delightful birds.

And finally....

Common Rosefinch. Copy Permitted.

Here's another one of the Common Rosefinch featured a couple of times in recent posts on Birds2blog.

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Warren Baker said...

The Red Kite gets my vote Pete :-)