Monday, 14 May 2012

Filling the gap again....

....sounds like giving some 'loud mouth' a fist full in it, but its actually yet another post until I can get out birding again....when is it ever going to end I'm beginning to wonder.

Well I can sincerely hope Birds2blog isn't descending into boring, perhaps it did so ages ago, but anyway, this is really interesting, well I think so anyhow, but brace yourself as there are more JL pics coming up....

Yellow Wagtail sp.

And this is the interesting one, taken before my years spent with JL so at least 25 years ago I reckon. As I write I have not traced any history to this image, what I do know is that the bird was at Aldcliffe - which won't mean anything to anyone not local - and it must have caused an initial stir, frustratingly I don't know any outcome of the eventual ID of this individual though I reckon I will in due course, but a contact who knows much more than me on the subject has agreed that this bird is perhaps a hybrid Yellow x Citrine Wagtail, an excellent find for someone.


Here's another great local find, this Hoopoe was at Halton a few miles from Lancaster and seen by JL and myself in October 1998.

Spotted Redshank.

This Spotted Redshank I initially found on the Eric Morecambe complex at Leighton Moss on 12 July 1997, I could see the bird from high up on the viewpoint from Crag Road and dashed off to do a trespass and find it again 20 minutes later on the flood at the rear of the complex. An amazing unique wader which changes from the generally black in summer plumage to brilliant white - on underparts - in winter. Not a species to be found every July in our area and beyond and certainly my first....a nice one.

And finally....

Tawny Owl. 

One of those 'chance in a lifetime' shots for JL, this Tawny Owl roosts in the perfect tree hole....amazing. 

I don't want to tempt providence but....theres a chance I get some birding on Wednesday, perhaps you'd like to look in on Birds2blog to find out if I did.    


Pete Marsh said...

The 'yellow' wagtail was checked by several people a few year's ago and Citrine input was only a 'possibility' along with the variant theme e.g. a bit of xanthism (spelling?!). An assessment of the call may have been useful but it was not heard by anyone as far as I am aware

This circulation was, however, years ago and there might be someone, now there are presumably many more examples of Citrine hybrids as they push further westwards, who might say this is identical to a known hybrid. Is there another pic JL's collection which shows the mantle better?? I think we asked at the time.



Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Hi Peter!!!.. Interesting Blog.. I love birds.. See you.. Regards!!!..

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for your comment here Pete. Interesting you chose to use the word 'possibility' whilst I chose 'perhaps'.

No more pics of JL's to get anything better on this bird about which I may be putting something else on the front page sometime soon.

Thanks also to Ana for looking in on Birds2blog, I appreciate your support.

Paul Foster said...

Hi Pete,interesting blogs your putting out lately,always nice to look back on years gone by.I`m sure you can squeeze a day out in the fells,plenty of Whinchat and a few Stonechat waiting for you!!!

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for this Paul....I'll be back don't worry, perhaps one day we will bump into each other hopefully.