Friday, 17 August 2012

The Little Dash....

....follows a Big Bash!

I managed to sneak off for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon, for my liking it represented an all too short a visit to Bank End, Glasson Dock, and Conder Green. Like Tuesdays birding which lasted seven hours for similar coverage, today I just had a fraction of the time on my hands, still....owts better than nowt! 

Mediterranean Gull. Copy Permitted.

At Bank End where birding in the afternoon is pretty hopeless on a sunny day when it's in your face, but if the gulls choose to roost here at high tide it's an excellent place and this was the case today, but most of the birds too distant, and a haze to contend with. However, an adult Mediterranean Gull was the reward for a bit of determination and a Little Egret for the bonus.

Mediterranean Gull.Copy Permitted. 

If you'd find the photograph of a juvenile MG useful this one is just what you need.

At Glasson Dock another adult Mediterranean Gull obliged, and I also noted a Spotted Redshank and c.320 Golden Plover, 2 Wigeon were a surprise though two were summering on Conder Pool but not seen since Tuesday 22 May, reasonable to assume these are the two.

At Conder Green another adult Spotted Redshank, and 2 Common Sandpiper. On Conder Pool a Greenshank, and a Snipe roosting beside a Teal was an unusual sight. I noted a House Martin visiting a nest at the rear side of Cafe d' Lune, but another nest above the window of the house here had a large gaping hole in the side which caused me some concern. 

Swallows in Kent.

Swallows Warren Baker 

Warren achieved some excellent shots of this adult Swallow feeding one of its youngsters preparing it for the long haul to Africa. Thanks Warren, these are brilliant.

Little Gulls in East Yorkshire.

Little Gull 

At Hornsea Mere in East Yorkshire a spectacular event takes place around this time in August when Little Gulls gather, on Wednesday evening at 9.00pm 7,200 Little Gulls were recorded, a truly wonderful sight. 


Warren Baker said...

Hi Pete,
I'm off for a couple of weeks now, so i'll be able to get out to look around a reserve or two, get to see some of the Waders that you see every day :-)

I'll take one of those Med. Gulls here, only ever had one record in 11 years!

Pete Woodruff said...

Enjoy your two weeks Warren. I'll be watching for the reports to see what waders - and others - you find.