Monday, 13 August 2012

Fair Game!

I've just read an interesting post on a blog. 

Cock Pheasant
Pheasant. Brian Rafferty.

Of course its no coincidence that I read this particular post today, though it does coincide with the Glorious 12th which of course was yesterday, but assuming the country gents do in fact abide by the rules, they cannot shoot on Sundays so the tradition started today. 

There's this gamekeeper who has recently visited a game fair and met up with many friends old and new, lots of them were asking this fella how were his Pheasant poults doing, at this point he covers up the main issue slightly by relating to the bad weather in addition to Buzzard predation.

I have no idea what the definition of 'the first week' is in this context but during this first week he 'lost a good few poults to Tawny Owl' now the Tawny Owl is a problem, well maybe it always has been for all I know. He goes on to say....'and Sparrowhawks and then the Buzzards, we loose one a day from each pen' these birds select a different pen each day to equal out the loss to the gamekeeper....Mmmmm!!

At this point he tells us....'as well as these losses from predation, my poults once again are on the verge of leaving me because of the onslaught'....does he mean they're walking out on him?

He mentions someone else in the post now, who is 'astonished at the death and destruction these Buzzards are meting out, not only to the poults but the other wild birds we have on the estate'....So do we assume the 'other wild birds' are all vegetarians or seed eaters then!    

Red Legged Partridge 1
Red-legged Partridge. Brian Rafferty.

I could go on but can't be bothered to be honest, instead here are two more birds, one of which lives its life in fear of being shot by someone still living in the dark ages, and is reared by the thousands - like the Pheasant - solely for that purpose.

Black Grouse 1
Black Grouse. Brian Rafferty.

The other....well, not many of these left to shoot anyhow and are the subject of re-introduction programmes to many areas from where they disappeared.  

Thanks for the trio of game birds BR personally I rate them as stunning photographs.



Warren Baker said...

Poor old gamekeepers, I dont know how they make a living :-)

Phil said...

Obviously the worst summer ever had no effect on the precious "poults" that such brainless idiots could fathom out. Of course it's easier to blame another party than to think that they themselves may be doing something wrong or that nature itself may have an influence.

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks Warren, always like your straight talk Warren, and always welcome on Birds2blog.

Good to hear from you Phil. I won't make any more comments on the issue at the moment....don't want to overdo it, but everything you say is right....'brainless idiots' is spot on of course.

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Beautiful pictures Peter.. I love these species.. Cheers!!!..