Saturday, 18 August 2012

The New Header Pic.

As can be seen by the new header pic, Conder Pool in the right conditions can look quite brilliant. When I took this photograph last Tuesday the pool was void of birds but looked stunning with the bright blue sky - for a change - and some excellent cloud reflections.

Like any location the desertion of birds can sometimes be the case, but Conder Pool has had its moments and I'm not going to create the list just now. Having said how brilliant this small pool can be with its show of the odd rare/scarce birds over the years, it is in need of management, a scrape perhaps, and an area of shingle for the likes of the Little Ringed Plover to be attracted to breed for starters. Also as can be seen from the photograph its a bit too much like Lake Windermere at the much water and no muddy edge to attract the forthcoming passage waders. Still, like I say....looking rather nice Ehh!

Collared Pratincole Antonio Puigg    

Who knows....perhaps one of these staring at you next time you pay a visit to Conder Pool!


Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. Super shot of Conder Pool..I called there last week and had a brief sighting of a Grey Partridge family..Mum,Dad and two youngsters..Don't know how unusual this is ?? take care.

Pete Woodruff said...

Don't have record to hand but found a pair a few weeks ago and the family seen since by a few observers, certainly unusual but not the first record.

Seeing you have called the pool pic 'super' I'll agree with you and thanks for that Brian.

news said...

ophHi Pete. I agree the pool is in need of some managment & I have tried several times to get the local RSPB group involved in this site whilst I was involved with them All the best John.

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for this John.

With your interest and mine involved in this subject it's highly likely I'll be looking into the neglect of this excellent pool/location with the appropriate people.