Sunday, 23 September 2012

21st Century Guardians....

....with the 'traditional' photographs to start with...and one to end with.

 Blackcap Antonio Puigg

Two brilliant images of the male and female Blackcap. Thank You Antonio....Viva España.

 Leach's Petrel Paul Foster

PF made the effort to get to the Mersey Estuary in the stiff north westerlies last week and was rewarded by multi sightings of Leach's Petrel, his two images above give good views of the birds upper and underpart markings for ID....Great stuff Paul and Thank You.

Guardians of the Countryside.

I'm living in the hope of some birding sometime soon, but don't worry I'm not likely to get bored in waiting, all I have to do is to try to keep up to date on the comings....goings....and doings of our dearly beloved 'Guardians of the Countryside' and if you really want people to call you a birder in the full sense, then perhaps you should too. 

Here's a rare opportunity to look into the world of the 'Modern Gamekeeper'....but be prepared to accept what you see as genuine - I do - and to read through all the long list to be shocked that there are others like this 'being'  who share the same planet and breath the same air as you do. Maybe you'll end up being even more worried about our wildlife than you was before you read This

Sanderling Geoff Gradwell 

This photograph of the Sanderling in flight is the best 'full frame' I can recall ever seeing of this particular species. Frozen in time to perfection....thanks a lot Geoff.

And finally....

Image. Pete Woodruff.

This insect was in our garden yesterday and I'm never keen to see something I can't ID which is very often unfortunately. It can obviously fly as I looked away for a second and it was gone when I looked again....anyone please!

I'D SOONER BE BIRDING!....but not looking good weatherwise. 


cliff said...

Hi Pete, terrific images accompanied by interested reading on your blog as always.

Your garden visitor looks like a Forest Shieldbug - Pentatoma rufipes, it's a fine example of it too!



Martin Jump said...

More brilliant images Pete,got to agree about GG's image.

Pete Woodruff said...

Yes, correct about the Forest Bug Cliff. I was going to edit the post to say I'd found the ID but will leave that out now you pointed it out on here.

Thanks for looking in Cliff.

GG's Sanderling is brilliant as you say Martin. Thanks for looking in.

Noushka said...

Thanks for showing other people's photography!
Antonio's is excellent and I've been following him for quite some time and we even spent a couple of days around his sites! A great guy passionate about the 300 birds species in his area.... Nearly one a day to watch! LOL!
Great shots of the Leach's Petrel by Paul Foster and stunning capture of the Sanderling in flight!
Identifying Pete's bug will not be easy, there are so many look-alikes!
Cheers and looking forward to seeing your own pics soon!! ;-)