Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A little pm.

It was after noon before I escaped the 'other things' yesterday and I decided as it was just about high tide I'd give Cockersands a go on the principal you never know, the wind may just put some sea birds my way. Having found a sheltered spot behind the Lighthouse Cottage I gave an hour glaring out to sea through a piece of glass magnified between 20/60 to be rewarded by nothing more than a glimpse of a small dark feathered object miles out to sea and rising above the troughs every now and again....the bird entered my little black book as a 'petrel' sp probably Leach's Petrel.

  Sanderling Geoff Gradwell 

I reckoned to get a 'short list' Plover Scar would be a good idea as the tide had just about swallowed it all up save the inland end, it held a couple of Cockersands scarcities 2 Sanderling, being the 'little things please little minds' kind of birder I am the record made my day.

Ringed Plover Marc Heath 

Also of note on the scar, numbers were similar to a couple of recent visits here, c.225 Dunlin and c.125 Ringed Plover, with 12 Turnstone and a Wheatear seen.

On the Lune Estuary at Glasson Dock 3 Mediterranean Gull were all adult and included the green ringed individual seen here 23 August and still too far to read again today. Also noted, the adult Whooper Swan, 45 Black-tailed Godwit, and 15 Cormorant hauled out in a line on the mud. A Peregrine Falcon was perched on a great tree trunk of the edge of Colloway Marsh patiently waiting to take to the wing and commit its next act of anti-social behaviour.

Little Grebe Noushka Dufort 

A brief look in on Conder Pool on the way to Lancaster showed 4 Little Grebe and a Little Egret....It's always something of an extra reward to see a Little Egret on Conder Pool. 

Thank you Geoff/Marc/Noushka for two brilliant waders and Little Grebe, they are much appreciated.


JRandSue said...

Superb images,super sharp details.

Warren Baker said...

Its becoming quite a cult to get ones photo on 'birds to blog' pete :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks John....the authors will be pleased with your comment re photographs.

Amazing how word gets around the world on the internet Warren, all as a result of giving plugs and passing comments on other peoples blogs/websites.