Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I know lots of records from my birding days of late don't appear on Birds2blog until at least the day after, this is related to the 'other things' that take over which I also have to deal with. So here's another of those belated reports which is a continuation of the 'Tuesday Dotterel Day' at Cockersands where my time slot was three hours. 

Dotterel. Cockersands 16 April 2013. Chris Batty.

I had initially ignored Plover Scar with the intention of returning at high tide when the waders would be close in and accessible, but finding the Dotterel sidelined all that and I never got to check Plover Scar at all having given the circuit 1.5 hours and the Dotterel the rest of my availability soaking up the rewards of finding and observing this brilliant little wader.

Whimbrel Simon Hawtin  

Two Whimbrel came up off Plover Scar as I passed by, and 3 Wheatear were together in the abbey field. It's quite amazing really, that I did the circuit here thinking to myself anything could be lurking in the fields and hedgerows - I won't attempt to list the birds I thought could be around now that the migration period was at least getting under way - but the result of the circuit was quite the opposite with the 'Cockersands' Little Egret, a Skylark singing away in the air and 2 Brown Hare all that I noted. But....having found 275 Golden Plover in one of the Abbey Farm fields all my recent birding 'blanks' were about to get a kick in the teeth....and the rest is history.

Spotted Redshank & Greenshank
Spotted Redshank/Greenshank Astland Photography  

Unable to ever drive past Conder Green I called in on my way back to Lancaster to see 3 Spotted Redshank and a Greenshank in the creeks just so that I could say I didn't drive past on Tuesday either.

Thanks to Chris for the Dotterel, Simon for the Whimbrel, and to Peter and Susan for the Spotted Redshank and Greenshank, three excellent images as is usual on Birds2blog.

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