Wednesday, 10 April 2013


The RSPB in Scotland is hosting its popular Scottish Birdfair next month at Hopetoun House near Edinburgh. There are strong connections between Hopetoun House and a large grouse-shooting estate in Lanarkshire which has repeatedly been linked to wildlife crimes, and estate gamekeepers have been convicted for laying poisoned bait and shooting an Owl, last year a Golden Eagle was found shot close to the estates border. The estate has a long term lease to a 'sporting company' registered in the USA....surprise, surprise!

If I was in a more suitable position I'd be calling for a boycott of this RSPB fair who seem to have a blatant disregard for their members....of whom I am one. This shooting estate is a black hole for birds of prey which has been well documented over the years.

How truly amazing that the RSPB - which is supposed to campaign to end the slaughter of our birds of prey - should choose a location like this one for a Birdfair. I would advocate that potential visitors to this fair should make an informed decision as to whether or not to attend, and whilst I'm on the subject of informed decisions....are you planning a holiday in Malta this year?    

Here are a trio of brilliant images to cheer us all up, all from Richard Pegler  as it happens....

Little Owl. Richard Pegler.

A brilliant shot of the Little Owl hiding away in its tree hole.

Tawny Owl. Richard Pegler.

And the Tawny Owl, another brilliant image from Richard showing the bird to good effect in its natural environment. 

Cormorant. Richard Pegler.

I've been saving this one of the Cormorant for a while now I think its superb. Thanks for these Richard I really do appreciate them.

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