Monday, 27 May 2013

Another Compromise....

Another compromise with KT on Sunday when it was suggested we paid a visit to Fleetwood to take a look round Freeport, but - said I - only if it also includes a look in on Rossall Point....and off we went. 

 Gannet David Cookson

Well, no birds at Freeport!....but when we got to Rossall Point a Gannet was soon seen far out to sea flying south, and a Whitethroat performed nicely for us around the bushes on the perimeter of the golf course.

Sanderling Brian Rafferty   

But the interest was on the beach at high tide when 14 Sanderling included the very interesting sight of one carrying rings, duly and appropriately submitted. The result of this could be quite exciting and the sort of thing which fires me up no end when it comes to my birds/birding. A call at Conder Green on the way home produced a female Scaup on Conder Pool. Hardly to be called a full days front line birding, but....good enough for me, and certainly much better than no birding at all.

Temminck's Stint. Copy Permitted.

This morning I responded to an alert of a Temminck's Stint at Conder Green, but an hour spent there searching didn't have a result. The bird had been seen around 8.10am and flew over Conder Pool, landed for 5 seconds on a mud bank in the creeks, then did a disappearing act. 

Thanks to DC/BR for the excellent photographs.


Christian said...

Good grief! That Buzzard's good!

Warren Baker said...

So that Temminks might still be around Pete.......

Pete Woodruff said...

Christian....All the images I put on Birds2blog blow my socks off, not least of all the ones taken by Noushka.

Warren....TS not seen again in 24 hours.

Thanks to you both for looking in.

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Hi Peter. Very good pictures .. The Albatros spectacular .. Many greetings from Spain.

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks Ana....You meant to say Gannet I know.

Greetings from England.