Friday, 17 May 2013

The Re-run.

Yesterday saw me doing a re-run of Tuesdays birding, though this time I managed to be on the job 1.5 hours earlier than Tuesday but had to terminate the day an hour earlier than I did then so little gained time wise.

I had a quick word with the man at River Winds in Conder Green and made it my business to thank him for allowing his house to accommodate the House Martin - which have arrived there again this year - whilst some others are quick to put up nets and boarding underneath their eaves to stop them nesting there. I could have shown him an example not a million miles away from his house which I strongly suspect put a long pole through the underside of a House Martin nest last year, whatever, there is a huge hole through the bottom of the said nest, very sad....and illegal I would suggest.

Little Egret Antonio Puigg   

Otherwise little to report from Conder Green yesterday save good views of a silent foraging Lesser WhitethroatAt Glasson Dock, numbers are on the increase and at least 20 Eider on the River Lune here with 15 seen 1 May, 2 Little Egret also of note, otherwise....all away breeding! 

Dunlin. Howard Stockdale.

At Cockersands, things didn't quite go to plan as I wanted to check Plover Scar at high tide but had to leave earlier. Ten Eider here were seen as three off Plover Scar, and seven in the Cocker channel where estimates of 400 Dunlin and 100 Ringed Plover were pushed close in by the incoming tide. Two Sedge Warbler, 8 Linnet, 2 Skylark were noted, with 3 Brown Hare.

And finally....

Some more records I thought we should all take note of, albeit from over the border.... 

Hen Harrier Paul Foster  

The conviction rate for raptor persecution crime in Scotland is a shocking 7.3%.
Confirmed incidents of poisoning, shooting, trapping, nest destruction 2003-2011 = 450.
Successful prosecutions 2003-2012 = 33.
Number of unsolved persecution crimes 2003-2011 = 417.

Say nothing....and the Devils Advocate stands triumphant. 


Adam said...

beautiful egret

Noushka said...

What a sad thing to destroy House Martins nests.
I can't imagine why people would react that way, the droppings could easily be contained to avoid the mess if that is what bothers them.
Great post and love the photos!
Enjoy your WE, Pete!

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Hi Peter!!!.. Love the cover!!!.. Great post and great pictures.. Greetings from Madrid..

Paul Foster said...

Shocking about the house martin nest Peter,,someone wants to shove the pole, where the sun don`t shine, to these blinkered individuals!I`d be the first to volunteer!!!!