Saturday, 4 May 2013

Back Up The Hill.

Having not been up Clougha since 4 September last year it was the perfect day to get back up there on Thursday to see if the Stonechats had made their comeback, on the visit in September last year I found no Stonechats on Clougha or Birk Bank, but if you've followed the history on this one, that result was no big surprise, and it was pretty sad I had no choice but to give up on them here and elsewhere, but now I'm back....8 months later. 

Stonechat Phillip Tomkinson

I was up there the customary five hours and walked at least the same number of miles. It took me the first 1.5 hours before I found just two Stonechat, a male and female, by coincidence in the very same area I had found the last pair on Clougha over 13 months ago on 26 March 2012.

Peregrine Falcon Phillip Tomkinson  

A Peregrine Falcon gave me excellent views overhead whilst I was on Birk Bank as it soared effortlessly with barely a wing flap for several minutes, a master of the air. 

Red Grouse Martin Jump  

Though nothing impressive, I noted every bird I saw during my visit to this upland area, 27 Meadow Pipit, 9 Wheatear, 8 Willow Warbler, 7 Wren, 7 Red Grouse, 2 Jay, and a Kestrel. I saw just two butterflies, a Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock, also 2 Brown Hare

And finally....

Black Wheatear Ana Minguez

I've already had a fair share of Wheatear sightings so far this year, but the Black Wheatear isn't a bird I'm likely to see short of a vagrant turning up in the UK or a trip to Spain maybe.

Many thanks to PT for the Stonechat and Peregrine Falcon, MJ for the Red Grouse, and AM for the Black Wheatear, excellent on all four counts. Did you 'clik the pik'....these are stunning photographs....even more stunning if you do.


Adam said...

nice birds

Warren Baker said...

Two Stonechat is a start pete, hopefully they will get a couple of broods of this year :-)

Martin Jump said...

Hope not to much heather has been burnt away Peter and the stonechats get their brood away.Did you get my message about the female stonechat I saw in the Trough last tuesday.

Pete Woodruff said...

Adam/Warren/Martin....Thank you for your continued interest in things Birds2blog. I'll carry on blogging if just for the three of you.

Martin....I've e-mailed you re the Stonechats, and yes the 'Blowtorch Brigade' have been out and about again as usual....having fun and exciting themselves with the flames!!

Sharon Whitley said...

Beautiful stone chat photo - so glad you sighted a couple - hopefully this year will bring better news re your stonechat quest - I always wonder how they dont topple off the top of the grasses they perch on - always look top heavy!

Richard Pegler said...

Two Stonechat is not too bad Pete. Super images, including that header!

Pete Woodruff said...

Sharon....Yes, you do wonder sometimes that the bird looks much heavier than the stem it perches on.

Richard....Two better than none and looking forward to more in the coming weeks.

Thanks to both for your support of Birds2blog....I'll keep it up now!

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Good morning Peter .. I see that you do not stop! .. It's wonderful to get out and enjoy nature .. Best regards from Spain ..

Pete Woodruff said...

Ana....Good morning to you too.

I do stop and quite often actually, but only when it is dark and there are no other options to do otherwise.

Thank you for looking in and for your comments, I always look forward to them Ana.