Tuesday, 13 May 2014

MMM Again.

Its good to see some forward movement on the MMM issue, and the House of Commons debated the 'UK policy on the protection of migratory birds in Malta' on Wednesday 7 May 2014....Well at least its a start, and a move in the right direction.

If you haven't already done so, you may be interested in reading Chris Packhams report on this HERE 

Ministers in attendance at the debate.

I wrote to my MEP and recieved the following reply.... 

Dear Mr Woodruff,

Thank you for your recent email regarding Malta and the European Wild Birds Directive.

This is an issue which has long been a concern for Labour Euro MPs and we have raised our concerns with the European Commission on several occasions. Personally I raised a parliamentary question to the Commission last year (details can be found at:

My colleague Brian Simpson MEP also has written to Mr Clint Mario Borg, First Secretary at the High Commission of the Republic of Malta raising this matter and received the following response:

'Malta is fully committed that any possible future spring hunting derogations will be based on a rigorous assessment of the necessary scientific data and will be in line with the strict controls, enforcement and supervision required by the Birds Directive and enshrined in Maltese national legislation.

Malta remains committed to its increased efforts in order to ensure strict enforcement of the established rules. This commitment is clearly noted through the establishment of the Wild Birds Regulation Unit, with in the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change.

The main aim of this Unit is to deal with all aspects of sustainable hunting governance.

In October 2013, the Government implemented a legal reform with regard to the enforcement of illegal hunting, doubling the penalties for hunting offences. Malta's legal deterrent against illegal hunting offences may be considered to be amongst the harshest regimes in Europe'.

Bird hunting in Malta continues to be monitored by the Commission and raised with the Maltese authorities. However the European Parliament is currently on recess due to the European elections and therefore you would be best to raise your concerns on this issue directly with the European Commission at this time.

I am due to step down as an elected European MP following the European elections on 22 May and therefore I would recommend that you make contact with your newly elected European MPs for the North West region, following the elections, in order for the matter to be raised in the new parliamentary term.

Yours sincerely

Arlene McCarthy

Mr Borg's comment which I have highlighted regarding Malta's legal deterrent against illegal hunting is a bit rich don't you think.


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Mr Borg's comment is valid, penalties are now severe in Malta, far more than here - the hard part, just like here, is getting cases to court and then getting them properly sentenced.
Still not sure I've got the stomach for a spring trip to Malta just yet but it is a fantastic place to visit...the scuba diving's good too



Pete Woodruff said...

'Penalties are now severe in Malta'....I had no idea Dave, and Mr Borg's comment is obviously valid as you say.

Tragedy is, there's probably been just as many birds slaughtered there this spring as any other spring and Malta's legal deterrent being one of the harshest in Europe doesn't appear to happen.