Sunday, 4 May 2014


Malta Montague's Murder....But for once I'll spare you one of my 'always justifiable' raging rants. 

Catching up with Chris Packhams visit to witness the Malta Migration Massacre season, I just watched Episode 4 of his video diary. 

If you've already seen this episode then you may as well close this page. If you haven't I ask you do so now if only to see for yourself the devastating effect of having to watch a Montague's Harrier euthanased had on Chris Packham because some Maltese Manic Maggot shot it for fun. 

To say the least I found it bloody hard going....he obviously did....and you will too.   

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Richard Pegler said...

I was following Chris's reports quite closely as I have past associations with Malta, and am disturbed by what happens there. I confess that I wept whilst I watched this episode.

A few years ago I was privileged to be shown around the two BLM reserves by two of the Maltese heroes - Joe Sultana and Ray Vella. These guys, and their colleagues, are doing an amazing job at great risk to themselves.

I, for one, will be visiting the BLM stand at Birdfair at Rutland Water in August, and making a donation. Remember - it's OUR birds on migration that they are trying to protect, not just their own. To all Pete's readers, please help the cause in any way you can.