Friday, 23 May 2014

The Hareden/Langden Circuit.

Wednesday was a good day for me to get myself into Bowland, and accompanied by BD we went up on to Hareden Fell, across the wild tops, and down the Langden Valley.

Redshank Martin Jump 

The first sighting was of 3 Common Sandpiper together on Langden Brook with some interesting display noted between what was probably two males in pursuit of a female, with much vocalisation and running around, and one of the males constantly holding its wings vertical, reminiscent of the Redshank engaged in part of it's mating ritual above.

A 'few' Sand Martin were obviously nesting in a bank above the brook. At least 20 House Martin around Hareden Farm as we passed by with a Swift above them, a few House Martin were also around the house at the intake. 

Heading off along the Hareden Fell track on the 7 hour 6.2 mile walk, we soon picked up a pair of Stonechat with one young, probably more if we'd have lingered. I lost count of a 'good number' of Meadow Pipitat least 14 Willow Warbler, 7 Grey Wagtail, 4 Reed BuntingDipper, and a single male Wheatear. Two Peregrine Falcon seen, which I'm bound to note were the only raptors in the entire seven hours on the uplands of Bowland, hard to believe....but this is the 21st century.

Looking West Up The Langden Valley. Pete Woodruff. 

This is the brilliant view - 'clik the pik' - afforded by a wise choice to take the high path coming down the Langden Valley, where 6 Stonechat were seen as a pair, 3 young, and an apparent lone male.

Ring Ouzel Marc Heath 

The highlight of the day was excellent views of a male Ring Ouzel soon followed by brief views of a female in flight.

Green Tiger Beetle Arkive 

Insects on the day included....8 Green Tiger Beetle including one chasing and catching a lone ant on the track which made the fatal error of going across the beetles path.

Beautiful Yellow Underwing. Copy Permitted.  

Beautiful Yellow Underwing, a Silver Y, and several Common Heath were the moths of the day.

A great day in great company. 


Warren Baker said...

Looks like than valley could do with some scrub patches and a few small copses Pete :-)

Martin Jump said...

You picked the right day for this walk Peter and were rewarded with some very nice sightings in wonderful countryside.

Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. What a super walk you had in the wilds of Bowland.There is nowhere quite like Bowland in good weather.Langden valley is excellent for ring ouzel .Glad you both had an enjoyable day out.

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Hi Pete! .. What about the spring?? .. You made a good choice of photos. I love the Ring Ouzel.. Regards..