Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Post Is Short....

....but certainly not sweet. 

If you consider the situation regarding the Hen Harrier and other birds of prey in their English upland breeding grounds, in this regard this has to be the best suggested petition of all time. 

I doubt anyone will be under the illusion this petition will lead to the banning of driven grouse shooting, but rather that you would hope it will highlight the issues around this land use - which are far wider than a protected bird of prey - and make it easier for some sort of sensible solution to emerge.

Perhaps you might also like to approach the RSPB and ask them whether or not the society thinks grouse shooting is still a legitimate fieldsport if it depends upon the obliteration of protected wildlife. But you will need to bear in mind they're going to tell you their charter dictates the RSPB is to remain neutral on legitimate fieldsports.

An army of support is needed here to kick-start the beginning of the end. 

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Richard Pegler said...

Just getting back to Bloggerland after a week in the Scottish Highlands, and found this post, Pete.

Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I've signed.

Best regards - - - Richard