Thursday, 21 August 2014

Tuesday 19 August.

Green Sandpiper Antonio Puigg 

A look in on the Aldcliffe flood was rewarded by a Green Sandpiper which allowed me excellent views with the bushes as cover from the top path.

A decent day weatherwise and I had decided to tread the excellent coastal path which follows the River Lune to Glasson Dock with little result, though I took note of a mix of at least 500 Canada/Greylag Geese on Colloway Marsh, probably at a ratio of 300/200, also 3 Little Egret. Opposite Nansbuck Cottage a large number of Swallow were to and fro over the River Lune, and I watched them as far downstream as Waterloo Cottage and beyond.

At Conder Green, 7 Common Sandpiper, and a Little Egret were in the creeks, and a Sparrowhawk flew through. On Conder Pool I saw one of the Common Tern, 4 Little Grebe, and 2 Great-crested Grebe.

Not the most exciting birding event I ever experienced, but an excellent walk just the same.

Greenfinch Warren Baker 

Two Greenfinch came to our garden feeders on Monday, a MEGA record for the location.

Bird Disturbance.

In relation to dog exercising, bird disturbance on the coast has become a huge problem, no less so than in the Cockersands area where yesterday (Wednesday) I observed six professional handlers all at one time - in the business of minding other peoples animals - with 24 dogs most off the leash between Plover Scar and the Cocker Estuary down to the Caravan Park. Add to this four quad bikes racing up and down the shore, again along the length from the Caravan Park to Plover Scar....We really have to try to do something about this problem.  


Richard Pegler said...

You disturbance problem sounds like a nightmare, Pete. I've used my camera to good effect in similar situations, but this was in locations where laws and regulations were being flouted - and there's always the danger of retalliation from the perpetrators too. If regulations/bye-laws are being ignored, I recommend surreptitious photography being turned over to police - I've had this resulting in court orders being handed out to perps!

Pete Woodruff said...

Richard....I'm not about to start throwing names around, but difficult to get some authorities to act on issues like this. I'm aware of one individual who has been trying for a couple of years in this regard, though I take note it seems you've had some success.