Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Annual Reports.

My birding has taken a direct hit due to major refurbishment to one of the rooms at home. Not looking good, and I may well be 'out of it' for more than a week at this rate.

But I'm in receipt of two excellent 2013 Annual Reports, so at least plenty of birding interest to read. Both of these reports are excellent publications, and I would personally like to thank everyone involved in the production of these two comprehensive records. If you have an interest in the records of the birds of the LDBWS recording area....

....and Lancashire in 2013 I can strongly recommend them. 

Though the cover photograph on the LDBWS report is an ID simple, the one on the Lancashire report is something of a challenge you might like to take on. 

I took particular note that both the LDBWS and Lancashire Reports recorded the only pair of Stonechat I found in the Clougha/Birk Bank area in 2013, and both also mentioned that I had recorded 43 here in 2005 before they started a decline culminating with a total disappearance following two harsh winter periods after which the Stonechat has yet to return to Clougha including this year of 2014. This despite pairs apparently breeding in all the main valleys and in many side-valleys on the United Utilities Bowland Estate. Perhaps the Stonechat isn't going to make a return again to the former stronghold of Clougha/Birk Bank....I'll be investigating this in 2015 with renewed enthusiasm.

It was interesting to see only one Common Sandpiper had wintered in our area in 2013 being the Conder Green bird. This winter looks like it may have two birds though three were reported on Friday 3 October.

Dotterel Cockersands 16 April 2013. Chris Batty.

The Dotterel found at Cockersands with Golden Plovers took it's rightful place in the reports. 

Killdeer. Martin Lofgren. 

And Lancashire claimed three first records in 2013, a Killdeer was found at Alston Wetland in April, a Two-barred Crossbill was found at a farm on Browsholme Estate in August, and a Baikal Teal was on Crossens Out Marsh in November.

Thanks to Chris Batty for the Dotterel, and to Martin Lofgren at Wild Bird Gallery for the Killdeer.

Best get my hands into the tool box I'm getting withdrawal symptoms! 

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