Saturday, 11 October 2014

On Your Doorstep.....

....and in the Arctic.

The depraved criminals who are slaughtering birds of prey and any other form of wildlife that gets in the way of the 'sport' they love, are closer to home than you might have imagined. Take a look at the map below - sorry a bit difficult to read - and if you are a birder who likes to get into the uplands of Bowland and live within this recording area, you will clearly see these people are doing their evil work on your doorstep. 

The map charts the last transmissions of the two young Hen Harriers - Sky and Hope -  recently 'gone missing', and is a clear indication of just where and when these two birds were at the time of their death.

I've trampled in and around these two circles on this map and the Bowland uplands many times over the years, and spend as much time birding here as anyone. I meet and speak to many of the 'estate staff' going about their daily land management routines, which range from some unnecessary to the downright criminal, and it leaves a nasty taste in the mouth to think I 'might' have rubbed shoulders with someone in disguise and not quite what they seemed.

Sky’s last transmission was at 7.33pm on Wednesday 10 September around Summersgill Fell, west of Thrushgill, in the Forest of Bowland. Hope’s last transmission was at 10.51am on the Saturday 13 September around Mallowdale Pike, also in the Forest of Bowland....'Missing in the Forest of Bowland'....well there's a surprise then!

LEGO has announced it will not renew its contract with Shell.

In the last few weeks Lego has made the break with Shell, having finally seen that it's a bad look for a toy company to work with another company that doesn't care about protecting our children's future. This is a huge blow to Shell’s strategy of partnering with beloved brands to mask its plans to drill in the Arctic. And it's the perfect start to the next phase of a campaign to keep Shell from plundering the Arctic’s pristine waters.

Now Shell is more alone than ever, but is still racing full speed ahead to get permission to drill in the fragile Arctic waters of Alaska in 2015. Meanwhile just days ago, the Arctic sea ice cover reached one of its lowest points on record.

Greenpeace and their movement to 'Save the Arctic' is now more than six million strong and just days ago they took the proposal for an Arctic sanctuary all the way to Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary General.

Today’s news is the next step. It sends a strong message to other brands that companies that support Arctic drilling are simply too toxic to work with. And that the public will no longer accept silence when the stakes are this high. Whatever Shell does, wherever it tries to hide, we’ll be there exposing its true face, condemning its environmental destruction, and standing up for the Arctic.

Still no birding for me, this is serious....maybe even life threatening!!

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Warren Baker said...

Seems we are powerless to stop the shooting brigade Pete, what else can be done!