Friday, 24 October 2014

Well....That Was Fun!

I left Lancaster full of the joys of birding unknown that the weather would change my way of thinking soon after I got to Conder Green not 15 minutes later, followed by one of those sit in the motor at Glasson Dock to see if things would improve. It didn't and an hour later I threw in the towel....I don't bird in downpours, it's well up the list of my birding 'don't do'.

Common Sandpiper. Pete Woodruff.

But at least before my prematurely aborted day I got in some coverage of Conder Green if only from the lay-by. With a little scanning around most of the 'Conder Specials' put in an appearance including the 'wintering' Common Sandpiper - this bird ain't going nowhere - on which I performed my amateur photographic skills whilst it rested on the near island. I also succeeded in counting 15 Little Grebe on Conder Pool again, with a lone Greenshank on the far terrace, and a Little Egret stabbing away at the waters edge. It was high tide and on the marsh I noted a Ruff and 2 Spotted Redshank.

Grey Wagtail. Geoff Gradwell. 

Whilst waiting at Glasson Dock to see if the downpour would pass by I saw a Grey Wagtail on the roof of the Victoria Hotel. Brilliant reflection in this image, and much more attractive than my rooftop bird.

Well, that was fun!....Hoping for more time next time.

Painted Lady.

Painted Lady Noushka Dufort 

A Painted Lady butterfly was found at Cockersands Lighthouse Cottage last Friday 17 October and was reported to me by my man from the Fylde Barry Dyson....Much appreciated with a count of Painted Lady not beyond one hand in our recording area this summer. Excellent image of the beautiful Painted Lady butterfly on Aster.

Thanks again to GG and ND for the images.


Marc Heath said...

Not a bad thing birding from the car if you can see something. Added bonus of a heater and radio if things get really boring!

Warren Baker said...

Rain here too first thing prevented an early patch walk, later I ventured out, but it was very, very poor, not even done a blog post today!!!

Pete Woodruff said...

Marc....I think one of my old posts was titled 'Can't bird from a car'. But as you say 'not a bad thing' if you can see something.

Warren....Rain, very, very poor, and no blog post....this is serious.