Thursday, 2 October 2014

....but it all went pear shaped!

I was late out again yesterday and didn't escape the clutches of 'other things' until 11.30am. Just after I arrived at Conder Green I was met by a Fylde birder who satisfied me that it wasn't just a personal feeling that 'nothing was happening' as these were obviously his feelings too, and I couldn't help but wonder if this was setting the scene for a subdued October for birds/birding.

It didn't take long for my day to turn distinctly pear shaped, but before it did I had seen 2 Greenshank roosting on the terrace at the back of Conder Pool where I counted 9 Little Grebe. A Common Sandpiper, 3 Snipe, and up to 55 Redshank were noted in the creeks, and c.40 Goldfinch were flighty over the marsh.

By now, the Fylde birder had thrown in the towel and I was about to, the weather was rapidly deteriorating, things were turning ever more pear shaped, and my birding was about to take another downturn on the Lune Estuary at Glasson Dock. But first I had found one of those brilliant adult Mediterranean Gulls that always make my day, 5 Greenshank 'hoovering up' together, and c.180 Goldfinch went over my head.

But now comes the crunch....

....the pair in the pic above complete with a mutt, had walked past me and seen me setting up my scope, they set out onto the estuary directly opposite my 'perch' at the bowling green from where the viewing of this part of the Lune Estuary is excellent, and had by now already disturbed many waders....

....but then they proceeded to parade along the entire length of the south side of the river to the Conder Estuary at low tide when this area is at it's brilliant best and disturbed several hundred more waders....I succumbed to defeat by this ignorant and inconsiderate pair who knew and why I was there....'clik the pikthey look even worse.

Add to the problem of these two idiots and a dog, I can't see across the river now, it's raining and the mist has descended. I'm going home and leaving behind me this excellent and best section of the River Lune down to Cockersands and out to the Irish Sea....but I'll be back.

Which brings me to draw your attention to this excellent ongoing campaign by the Fylde Bird Club. But note they need the help of others - that's you and me - to try to halt this coastal and esturine bird disturbance....Please Read This and report it.

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