Saturday, 8 November 2014

A Bit Of Buzz In Bowland....

....with Saxicola to make my day, Turdus, and Fringillidae

Making the best of a brilliant sunny and calm day I was off into Bowland on Wednesday, parked the motor up on the west side of Hawthornthwaite Fell, and off up the track for the first time since 17 June when I found just one pair of Stonechat. With no young seen on this date in mid June I made no other visits here and as I see it no breeding Stonechat on the west side of this fell in 2014.

Stonechat  Martin Jump 

But I was on the track up Hawthornthwaite only five minutes when I spotted a distant male Stonechat soon followed by a female, but a trundle to the top of the fell brought my excitement level down and I found no more, though to be honest I didn't expect to, after all it's the first week of November, but at least I found one pair likely to be wintering here which is what I had hoped for.

Whilst I was at the top of the fell a sight to epitomise the silent wilderness and the birds of Bowland was in the form of 7 Buzzard soaring together which turned into an even greater spectacle when a Peregrine Falcon flew through the seven, a Kestrel was over a few minutes later, and by the time I reached the bottom again I had seen 17 Red Grouse.

Cam Brow. Copy Permitted.

I had seen what was obviously a large number of 'thrushes' coming down into a field on the north side of Fellside Farm as I descended Hawthornthwaite Fell. But I had earlier predicted what I might possibly find in the berry laden area of Cam Brow where I eventually estimated at least 300 Fieldfare

Brambling Jan Larsson  

A couple of hours raking around in the Tower Lodge area resulted in 4 Brambling found, they were with three groups totalling up to 50 Chaffinch. Also noted just seven other species, 7 Coal Tit, a Blue Tit, Great TitNuthatch, Robin, Dunnock, and Wren.

Red Grouse Brian Rafferty  

The decision to round off the day by giving the bottom track at Birk Bank a couple of hours was a wise decision rewarded by another pair of Stonechat found on the north side over Ottergear Bridge, with 11 Red Grouse noted.

Bowland Autumn. Pete Woodruff.

Some beautiful autumn colours on show in Bowland on Wednesday too.

Thanks for the 'Picture Gallery' to Martin/Jan/Brian, they are much appreciated and all 'clik the pik' quality. 


Warren Baker said...

A Brambling would go down well here Pete, the first one this year not yet being found!

Like the Autumnal trees shot :-)

Brian Rafferty said...

A great day out in Bowland for you Pete.A super time of the year on a nice day.You have shown off the Autumn colours well in your image.Pleased you caught up with some stonechats.

Pete Woodruff said...

Brambling bit thin up here too Warren, I was pleased to find these four. Thanks for comment re pic.

Yes, excellent day weather and birds Brian. Thanks also for kind comments.

Paul Foster said...

Stonechats seem to be holding on quite well in Bowland Peter,lets hope numbers increase for the future!

Ela said...

Wonderful pictures and gorgeous birds !

Noushka said...

I wish I could see that many Stonechats here, I am still waiting for my first opportunity for a picture with this species!
A great day you had there!

Pete Woodruff said...

Paul....I have reason to believe the Stonechat has done well this year in Bowland, though I assure you not in the past strongholds in my book. I await the final results with interest.

Ela....Thank you for your visit to Birds2blog from Poland.

Noushka....Must brush up on some reading about the Stonechat connections in France.