Friday, 21 November 2014

The Short Shift.

Keep on keeping on. It's all a bit repetitive and little new to get excited about, but it's godda be done. One thing you need to get acquainted with in birding are the 'blank' like days....but I'm predicting a big change to this very soon. Meanwhile all I managed on Wednesday was a short shift at Conder Green and Glasson Dock. 

Long-tailed Tit Warren Baker

I never fail to have the interest to keep tabs on the LG's on Conder Pool, and on Wednesday I counted 19 Little Grebe, 14 of which were on the pool, 3 in the creeks, and 2 upstream from the road bridge from where I also flushed 2 Snipe. Also on the pool, 4 Goldeneye, in the creeks a Spotted Redshank, and 8 Long-tailed Tit were in the car park at The Stork.

Notable on the Lune Estuary was 1,550 Golden Plover, 565 Bar-tailed Godwit, 15 Snipe, and respectable for the area, a count of 10 Red-breasted Merganser

A short shift....but much better than no shift at all!

Go birding....get historical.

Cockersands Abbey. Pete Woodruff.

As well as an excellent birding location, you can also take in a little history about Cockersands Abbey which was founded before 1184 as the Hospital of St Mary on the marsh belonging to Leicester Abbey. A significant relic in the Abbey is the still intact vaulted chapter house which was built in 1230. The abbey was dissolved in 1539.

I was attracted to a closer look at Cockersands Abbey recently when some late afternoon winter sun fell on the place....hence the 'clik the pik' photograph which from this angle unfortunately shows some modern day brickwork on the left side as we look at this image, nevertheless, an impressive historical ruin.


Warren Baker said...

Lots of blank days here Pete, especially in November! I dont remember taking that LTT photo !

ptaki w Granowie i nie tylko said...

piękne zdjęcia!

Pete Woodruff said...

Warren....The LTT is in the Pittswood Bird Gallery above some young all lined up on a branch in the image below it, excellent.

Birds in Granowie....Thank you for the visit to Birds2blog from Poland and you comment about the beautiful pictures.